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Welcome to the Caribbean Disabled Sports Association

May 20th, 2016

Our goal as a charity is to encourage as many disabled people to take up a sporting activity, irrespective of age, ethnic origin or background, both here in the United Kingdom and across the Caribbean. Sport is known as great opportunity to meet and socialise, so our events team will organise sporting events, throughout the year, at pre-vetted venues to make sure all needs are accommodated to the required standard. To help make sure that the Caribbean Disabled Sports Association is available to as many disabled people possible, our website will act like a hub. Information will be shared to keep you updated on everything the CDSA is doing, including: sporting events, photograph of events, reviews and recommendations, free membership and to swap ideas between members over a wide variety of topics.

Their are so many disabled people who might think that sports is not for them or are unable because of not having the opportunity to do so. The Caribbean Disabled Sports Association would like to change this by creating these opportunities in making disabled people lives a more enjoyable experience. The Caribbean Disabled Sport Association is here to help

For more information about everything to do with the Caribbean Disabled Sports Association please contact:
Gary Powell on 07518 367812 or email: info@cdsacic.com
Christopher Smith on 01453 520046 / 07938 993474 or
email: christophersmith@cdsacic.com

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