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Caribbean Disabled Sports Association U.K.

September 12th, 2016



It is widely acknowledged by health professionals, parents and carers that regular participation in physical and social leisure activities greatly enhances the health and wellbeing of disabled people. This is supported by disability organisations such as the MS Society, The Stroke Association, national health institutions and governing bodies of sports. However, compared to their white counter parts, participation of disabled people from Afro-Caribbean and other Minority Ethnic groups in mainstream disabled sport and community based leisure activities is disproportionally extremely low. A prime example is golf. Although golf is the second most participated sport in the UK after fishing, it has very few black and minority ethnic (BME) players and virtually non who are disabled.
Barriers for low BME participation include the perception that, disabled sport is for the white elite, where to find relevant information about sport activities for disabled people, non-accessible local venues, economic constraint, transportation, specialised equipment and coaches, organisational support and ultimately, would they be made to feel welcomed by the sport providers. Some will say this situation is common to most disabled people groups. However, for BME disabled people specific issues such as, cultural perceptions of disability, limited choice of sporting games and leisure activities and very few role models frustrates their motivation and desire to engage and participate.
Communities with the highest numbers of Afro-Caribbean and Asian disabled people in the UK are situated in the most disadvantaged inner city areas where socio-economic depravation and environmental impoverishment are the norm.


Purpose of CDSA

People from Afro-Caribbean heritage are very much under represented at all ages and levels of mainstream disability sport, even though they are well into the fourth and fifth generation since migration in the fifties. The Caribbean Disabled Sports Association CDSA) is a Community Interest Company (CIC). Our mission is to attract and engage more disabled and elderly people from Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities to the joy and benefits of participating in meaningful sport and social leisure activities to improve health and social status. Our objective is to facilitate and promote the benefits of sports as a physical, psychological and social activity that will boost the wellbeing of the disabled and elderly in the community. All our activities are designed so that our members participate in a healthy and safe environment regardless of age, gender, social status and ability. We operate in the UK and the Caribbean.

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